How to fwd mail to labelled group

Android 10 on UmiDigi A7 Pro, K-9 Mail v5.807

In my Contacts (system default app) I have assigned a ‘Label’ to a group of contacts, which allows me to send an e-mail to a group of contacts without selecting each one individually.

But having received an e-mail in K-9 and wanting to forward it to that labelled group, I can find no way to do this (other than the hard way - adding each contact individually to the ‘To’ list).

Am I missing something?


I checked on my Samsung where in contacts app I can assign contacts to groups. I guess that is what you mean with 'label". And yes, it is also for me not working to use these groups as a shortcut to select several mail adresses in K9. So, this seems to be a feature request I guess. I would support it.

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Thanks for your backup, Stphn. In my Android 10 default Contacts app, groups are called Labels (see screen-shot). Some are default Labels that come with the app (currently empty, and I’ve deleted a few I’ll never use), and others I’ve created.

By selecting a ‘Label’ (group), I can then use the 3-dots menu to send an e-mail to all members, but when I’m forwarding an e-mail through K-9, there is no option (that I can find) to choose a ‘Label’ (group) for the recipients.

K9 does not know about lables / groups at all it seems. Even sending mails to groups is a function of contacts app and not K9:
select group in contacts app, choose to write mail, choose mail app (eg K9), mail app is opened in compose mode with some mail adresses added. You cannot start to compose a mail from within K9 and select a group. Hence also not possible for mail forwarding.

Yes, it would be a nice piece of better integration with the Contacts app.

+1 from me as well on that one.