How to delete my forum account?

Went through preferences and can’t find anything. Want to delete my account, not disable.
Thank you

You should have posted in the existing thread about it, here, instead of starting a new one.

@anon21408286: To delete your account please go to your preferences page and click the “Delete My Account” button at the bottom.

Looking for my account preferences I do not see such a button - which is OK as I do not want to delete :wink:
But could it be that this feature is disabled?
Also, better to anonymize instead of delete as otherwise all posts of @anon21408286 will no longer be visible.


Yea I don’t see that option either but I agree with @stphn - anonymizing sounds like a better idea.

Apparently there’s no self-anonymize feature and users can only self-delete their account if they have created less than two posts :frowning:

For future readers: if you want to have your account removed, please send a direct message to a forum admin (listed on the About page)