How to create a folder

I am using k-9 mail on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and can’t seem to find way to create a folder.

What am I missing here?

K9 can only display folders it retrieves from the server. If you need a new folder you need to create it on you mail provider’s web frontend.

What you’re saying would make sense if I’d be using k-9 with IMAP, but I’m using it with Pop3, that can easily use locally created folders.

So, basically there is no solution to this problem if you use K-9 Mail with POP3 protocol???

I am not using Pop3 so I cannot help directly.
But I think you are right - I searched the forum for “pop3 create folder” and all findings told that this it not possible.

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Yes. The feature of creating local folders is a basic minimum for ANY Pop3 email client since without that option messeges start piling up in the inbox folder, as it is happening to me now. I guess I have to find a real Pop3 email client and drop K-9 mail ASAP.

K-9 is not meant to be used as your single data store. It also doesn’t have import/export, what would definitely be needed if you want to rely on it for local storage. If you need local mail, K-9 is indeed not the right app for you.