How to compress attachments prior to sending

Hi, everytime I want to send pictures to friends and family it is blocked because the pictures are too big. Is there an autoshrink feature like in mac mail (small, medium, large) or a practical workaround without resorting to we transfer?

This feature is currently not supported. But it’s fairly high up on the list of things we want to add.

In the meantime you could use an app that compresses images before adding them to K-9 Mail. Appropriate search terms for the Play Store are: photo image compress resize shrink

Thanks for the friendly reply.

FWIW, I am using Send Reduced for this.

Is there any news about this feature?

I think K-9 Mail is one of the best Email-Apps for Android and i use it on daily basis. :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate this feature because for my work i often have to send multiple images from my smartphone camera by email. But they are way too large and i have to compress them externally before sending, which is quite some time consuming.