How to back up e-mail database

I have years worth of e-mail records that I have been storing in K9. I was always used to being able to copy the databases to a new phone when I switch phones, and have had no problems doing this. That was one of the features I liked and counted on. Now I notice that apparently the databases have been “upgraded” such that they don’t reside in internal shared storage anymore, but in internal root memory where I can’t access them to back them up. Is there any other way to back up the email database to move it to a new phone? Please note that I am referring to the e-mails themselves - not backing up the settings, as I have no problems doing that.

Backing up the message databases was never supported. It was an accidental feature.

In the previous version of K-9, there was a setting that allowed you the choice of locating your e-mail data either in the “internal” (root) memory, or in the “external” memory, which was the internal shared memory (not an SD card). Isn’t it possible to allow people that choice again?

The android permissions no longer allow access to all the system directory. Some apps still can but K-9 does not, So yeah, you can no longer do that anymore, and I dont know if the devs should work on that

As an alternative, I just tried Helium. Helium says that “K-9 Mail has disallowed backup of application data. Ask the K-9 developer to allow application data backup.” Is it as simple as it sounds for the Dev to make that change?

You could always use the ADB to make a backup. Just make sure to pass the parameter to include the data.

If this refers to adb backup, this basically is a setting in the manifest file. So it could be that easily, depending in the data structures involved, or it could be hard, if there’s more than just copying files.

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It’d be nice if K9 integrated with the Backup Service on Google Android phones to at least save settings and other local data to the cloud. But not sure years of messages would work as well.

Given how fragile phones are, I personally don’t keep any data of value on it that isn’t sync’d somewhere else.