How to access AT&T email accounts

For years I could send & receive email to my email account. I learned that the problem was due to their switch to requiring a Secure Mail Key (SMK). With their customer support, I was able to do it, but wondering if there’s any other solution, e.g., OAuth.

My K9 setup hasn’t changed in ages for my old SBCGlobal and other AT&T accounts related to their internet services. I’m still pointing to for incoming, and for outgoing.

I may have unique app password(s) for my account in K9. An inbound and outbound test worked as expected as it’s not an account I use often.

It always baffled me why I needed to create a new AT&T/Yahoo account when I moved my service with them rather than using an existing account.

Could be for legal reasons. There’s a law, I believe Federal, prohibiting the business entity you’ve given your personal data to from sharing it with others. I encountered this when I joined a MeetUp hiking group. called O CHiking Club. I learned they did not have my email or USPS addresses even though I had given all that to when I joined it!

I got an email in one of my aged AT&T email accounts over the weekend that I pull via Thunderbird on the desktop and K9 on my phone. The email mentioned that I can “Declutter my AT&T Mail inbox today with the Yahoo Mail app.”

Seems like they (AT&T and Yahoo) are still married somehow.

A quick Google reveals that Verizon sold Yahoo to an “investment firm,” but I don’t think that changes anything for companies, such as AT&T, who use Yahoo email services.