How send encrypted email only

how do i send encrypted email?
version 5.600 & 5.733 says:
encryption not possible. some of the selected receiptients dont support this feature

Get them to use clients that support it then I guess - you or your K-9 can’t change it if they can’t receive encrypted emails.

do you mean k9 will determine recipient supports encryption as soon as i type senders email id?

K9 probably “knows” which providers support it, I don’t know.

No, K-9 only relies on the information passed back by OpenKeychain.

If not all recipients have a public key in your database, you cannot send them an encrypted email. Thus, K-9 correctly tells you, that the mail cannot be encrypted as at least on recipient does not have a key.

In fact, an encrypted mail with multiple recipients grows linearly with the amount of recipients as the message is encrypted separately for each recipient and then combined into one GnuPG block.

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