How Do I Download the 25 Most Recent Emails?

Before the update about a year ago, there was an option to download the most recent 25 emails. And you could also download another 25 at a time. I can’t find that option anymore. Does it still exist?

Assuming IMAP, with PUSH enabled, the concept of downloading the “most recent N” messages doesn’t really exist as the message list display should always be currnet - updated as new messages arrive on the server.

At the bottom of the message list there should be a prompt to “Load up to N more”, where “N” is the value set in “settings/fetching mail/local fo!der size”. I believe the default is 25.

I’m using K-9 Email on an android phone. I don’t know what protocol is being used.

The button you describe used to be there before the update about a year ago. I can’t find it anymore since the update.

I don’t use K-9 a lot. I usually read and write emails on my PCs. I only use K-9 on my phone when I’m out and about and am expecting an email. When I launch K-9, the most recent email is about a week or a month ago (the last time I opened K-9 and downloaded emails to my phone). If I refresh the list by swiping down, it could take a few minutes to load. If I could just download the most recent 25 emails (like I used o be able to do), it would save me a lot of time. Also, it would take up less space on my phone.

What value is set for “settings/fetching mail/local fo!der size”?

The “Load up to N more” message/option should be displayed along the bottom of the message list, after you’ve scrolled to the end of that.

You can see the protocol (IMAP vs. POP) by looking at the port in “incoming server settings”. Ports 993 and 143 are IMAPs and IMAP. POP3s uses 994 and POP2/3 use 109/110 respectively.

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I don’t see any of those things you mention. Are you on an android phone? Those sound like things I would find on a PC email client.

The option to load 25 more emails was there before the update, but it’s gone now. Why would they eliminate this option?

Oh, quite certain I’m on android devices … one android 11 others android 12 – all with K-9 5.906.

The “Load up to N more” [messages] option is certainly there in the current (beta) release. I don’t remember it going away and then being reinstated, but open to being corrected. It would also make sense that it’s not an option for POP.

What android version and k-9 release are you using? Also which mail protocol - IMAP/POP are you using. My previous comment indicates how to tell in case you aren’t certain.

OK, I found what you’re talking about. It was buried deep in the menus. It’s using a POP3 server on Port 995. The local folder size is 25 messages. Are you saying that I need to switch to IMAP to get that option back again?

I’m using android 10 and K-9 version 5.806.

With the POP protocol the client downloads all messages that are found on the server that aren’t on the client. There isn’t really the concept of incremental downloads with that protocol. It may have been there before, but I believe that would have been a kludge.

POP isn’t a very robust protocol. See the second to last comment, by ByteHamster, in for a list of advantages of IMAP over POP.

OK, I switched to IMAP and now “Load 25 more” shows up at the bottom of the email list. Thanks for all your help.

If you turn on PUSH (account settings/fetching mail/push folders) the mobile device will always be in sync with the server so you won’t have to do anything to sync it up. Alternatively, turn on POLLing and it will keep in sync at the poll interval you select.

I tend to also “sync server deletions” and don’t let things deleted on the mobile device delete off the server (when i delete a message/do not delete on server) as my desktop client does a lot of filtering and filing.

I know this is old but maybe this will help someone!

To see the answer to this question, which I asked last summer, go to Manual sync 5.802.

The option to download more than 25 is in settings. Select the email account and go to fetching mail/local folder size. If you only use K9 every few days set that folder size plenty big enough to fetch all the mail since the last time you fetched. Otherwise you may end up not fetching all the messages after the last time you had K9 open.

You go to other email accounts via the menu bars in the upper left.