How can i transfer data

hi. i changed my phone with a new one and i need to see my sended and received items on my new phone. i couldn’t see any feature to move them. how can i back up my mails. thanks

If your account is POP3, there is no way to backup your data. (You could try an ADB backup, but success rates are very limited.)

If you set up the account as IMAP, you need to configure the folders to download all older messages without size limitation.

i’d like to try adb backup option. could you please give more information like correct pathway of app etc.
thank you for your helping me

I tried adb backup as

adb backup k9.ab -f com.fsck.k9 and

adb backup -f k9mail_backup.ab -noapk org.koxx.k9

both results are 1kb. did i do something wrong?

You must run in the context of K-9, but success is still not guaranteed. It depends on manufacturer, vendor, branding, Android version etc. pp.

Try something like

adb shell
run-as {app-package-name}
cd /data/data/{app-package-name}
chmod 777 {file}
cp {file} /mnt/sdcard/
adb pull /mnt/sdcard/{file}

for the private app data. If you are lucky, the SQLite file containing the database is also there.

i got error below

run-as: package not debuggable: com.fsck.k9

then i tried
pm list packages -f -3


then tried to “adb pull” command

/system/bin/sh: adb: inaccessible or not found

so i cant change the flag as debuggable and cant use run-as command due to not debuggable package.

did i do something wrong (im not good at android) or just i have no choice to save it except forward each mail i got to my another mail :cry:

You did nothing wrong. It’s just as I mentioned in my very first answer: