How can I select a range of messages

I am trying to get a thunderbird alternative on my new galaxy S9 tablet. Because I have to wade through several hundred messages a day, one of the things I always do, every time I use thunderbird, is select a range of messages by clicking on one message, depressing the shift key, then clicking on a second message farther up or down the list, or scrolling up or down the list with an up or down arrow, after which I hit the delete key to delete all the messages. I also use this group select to mark messages as spam, mark them as read, etc. I chose K-9 because I read that it would soon be the thunderbird replacement on android. So far, the interface looks primitive compared to thunderbird. But perhaps I haven’t yet found the right documentation. So how do I select a range of messages in K-9, without clicking on them one at a time?

The Android app doesn’t support selecting multiple messages without tapping each of them.

if you have a search set you can use the “select all” (found in the upper-right vertical dots) and then delete the selected set. this may not be useful to you unless the messages you’re trying to delete have discrete/unique attributes that will get them into a search set.