How can I migrate my emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

I have been a user of the Yahoo Mail application for a long time. Now, I have some concerns regarding the privacy of my account. Unfortunately, I have some crucial data in my Yahoo emails. Is there any way to migrate my Yahoo mail data into my Google account?

If you enable IMAP for your yahoo mail I seem to remember that you can tell Gmail to poll for mails in the Yahoo account, which should download them to Gmail…

Just being curious: what privacy concerns you have for Yahoo you do not see with Gmail?

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What stphn asked, and…

You don’t need K9 to do this. But you have a couple options.

  • if you have Thunderbird or a desktop mail app that works on both services, especially via email, and both services are set up as IMAP connections, you can move some or all emails between them like you move emails to folders.

  • gmail has an import function that will go get your other email from another service. It’s in the settings.

Privacy concerns, wants to use google🤔

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Another idea would be to grab Mozilla’s Thunderbird mail application.

Hook up your Yahoo mail to Thunderbird via IMAP
Hook up your Gmail account to Thunderbird via IMAP

Move the messages from one folder to the other folder as you wish.

Might be tedious if you have many folders at Yahoo.

While you can do a move like this with some clients (but not K-9), be aware that you are pulling all the mail from account-A - via your connectivity/client - and writing it back out to account-B. If you have a lot of mail you’ll want to be using a fast, unmetered, connection. With a POP account you’ll only be able to get to the messages that you have left on the server.

A better way is for your new mail host to have a facility that supports this … which gmail does.

If you log into your gmail account, under “settings/acconts and imports/import mail and contacts” there is an option to “import from yahoo, hotmail, aol, or other webmail or POP3 accounts”. You’lll want to look at the “learn more” to see what the steps are.