How about an Integrated Calendar (crowdfunded)?

Some email apps have integrated calendars like those in:
Bluemail -
Spark mail
These are but a few. This would be a great addition to K9.

Does else anyone think it would be worth trying a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for development of an integrated calendar in K9 5.8? Are their other ways to raise funds for this if K9 thought it worth while?


To be honest, I don’t think this is within the scope of K9 Mail. There already are nice and free calendar apps out there and maintaining a basically separate app is a lot of work (which does not stop after initial development).

What advantages do you expect from having the calender app integrated into the email app?

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Oh please no!

K-9 is an email app and does exactly what it should. I see absolutely no reason to add bloat like that, it’s what Outlook would be for. And besides, every Android device already has a calender on it anyway.

Hello back! Thanks for the response! :sunglasses:

Oh I was not suggesting you make a separate calendar app, I know maintaining an app takes a lot of work. What I suggested a calendar be built into… K9 mail. Like the two examples I mentioned.

I did send two links in my initial post to show you what I mean. So you could see and get an idea.
Here is Bluemail video for another example -

What I think people can gain by having K9 have a built in calendar would be to mirror the workflow of their email. Most email services provide the big 3; email, contacts, and calendar. It just makes sense to me if web-mail gives people those 3 functions in 1 unified service, and my desktop application also provides integration with all 3, having a mobile app that mirrors the same workflow would be a big benefit. After all most people do not have an email service with email and contacts only, then go to a third party for calendar functions for their desktop. There are a few email services like that but not convenient for most as appointments are in the emails that need to be added to the calendar. On desktop this is done all in one go. I would think keeping the workflow consistent between all platforms would only contribute to K9, not take away.

Again this is just a suggestion. Either way, I think K9 is great and can’t wait for all the great things K9 will provide users when 5.8 roles out. :grin:

Integrating is basically the same amount of work that it would be to write a completely new app. K9 is mainly developed by a single person (not me) and the workload maintaining a second app on top will likely be too much, independently from the money.

I agree that this totally makes sense on a desktop or on the web because it allows to integrate features. Examples could be picking a contact when sending an email or having contact’s birthdays appear in the calendar. On desktop, those things are not possible when using separate applications.

Because of the way Android is built, this is not necessary there, though. Any email app can integrate with any contacts app - you can pick whatever app you like and they will still play along. So instead of having a good email app with okay-ish calendar functionality, on Android, you can search for the perfect apps for all of the 3 features individually. They can still integrate as if they were one single app.

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It sure didn’t hurt to make the suggestion. I do appreciate the insight though.
I am looking forward to 5.8!

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