Help! Coursed K9 or a virus somewhere?

Hi, I pretty registered to this forum only to ask what you think of my recent experience because I am quite scared… I am using K9 mail 5.600 on my samsung s7 edge.
This afternoon I received a mail by a friend from France. It had three screenshots attached. On the bottom of the mail I had the 3 thumbnails displayed. Two were ok (i.e the miniature of the pictures) while one was… a crop of a photo I have on one of my computers :open_mouth:
People I am not joking… screenshot attached!
The original (entire) photo was sent me many months ago by a friend of mine and I still have it in that computer. But it was actually deleted from the mail server, as I always do.
At first I thought of a virus but 1. That photo was NEVER hosted and never transited on my phone 2. The computer where there is the mail with that photo attached runs Linux and a virus is unlikely. So must I think of a virus at my mail provider ? That would be quite a serious problem…
So, to better understand the problem, can you please explain me WHERE those thumbnails are gathered and how ? Clearly they aren’t simply miniatures computed on the fly, because the indicted picture attached is actually a png screenshot, everything is fine with it, I checked. But its thumbnail…
Thanks for any suggestion or opinion!

If a photo is shown in a mail that has been deleted on this device and now resides on a computer far away I would either blame that computer or some thumbnail caching that hasn’t recognized that the file that hides behind a file name has been exchanged by another.
As the image isn’t exactly thumbnail-sized I would rather blame the computer, though…

I reformulate the question then.
Where does k9 mail get the thumbnails on my phone ?
Why, if I receive an email with a picture attached, k9 mails displays a thumbnail taken who knows from where and not simply a miniature of the content ?
I hope I could explain well and sorry for my poor English, I am from Italy, but if you reread my original post you will realize that something very strange happened…
I also must understand what’s up here before possibly preparing a bug report

This looks like a caching issue. I’m sure the email containing the picture has been opened using K-9 Mail at some point. Then the thumbnail was generated and cached. We fixed a couple of these caching issues in K-9 Mail 5.7xx.

Clearing the app cache via Android’s ‘App Info’ screen should get rid of all cached thumbnails.

Thanks you very much cketti for your answer! Now I feel better lol
Well since both the mailer on my computer and k9 have access to the same mail providers, there are chances I may have opened that same mail with k9 too and then deleted, I just don’t remember. What you are saying makes sense. I will update k9 and see if the problem shows up again

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