Help, cannot send email! Bug?

If I compose an email and I insert this destination address [removed from the text by @ByteHamster to avoid spam. See screenshot]

K9 refuses to send the mail and issues a warning about unknown recipient! See the attached sxreenshot. If I insert a different email address it works instead! Can you fix it please ? Thx

Nobody ? I am planning to change mailer. Today it rejected yet another email address!

From the screenshot, it looks like there may have been a space or some other (non-printing) character after the dash which caused the address to break, causing it to become invalid. A dash in an address is valid, and K-9 handles it just fine.

What was the other/second address that it rejected? [feel free to obscure the recipient, but make certain that the issues surrounding the error are maintained.]

What version of K-9 are you using?

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Try adding a comma (,) after the email address.

I am using 5.726. I added the comma and it finally accepted my address. Unfortunately I can’t remember the other address it rejected because that message ended up archived in the drafts saying . Anyway it makes no sense that it must reject info AT archetype-instruments DOT com without a comma!

No, it doesn’t :slight_smile: It’s a bug, that will be fixed eventually. I believe the email address itself isn’t the issue. The fact that it occupies multiple lines most likely is.