Header with ISP hostname


I am testing the K-9 Mail client with my own hosted mail servers. While reviewing the header information from a message I send to myself with K-9, I noticed that the message is originating from with the FQDN of the connection I am using at that moment.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Reason for asking is that if I would be on like a public WiFi which has not the best reputation, I feel this might potentially put this message to spam, as that FQDN of the ISP is actually not a trusted sender for my domain. And secondly, I not always want to share where I am and what connection am I using.

It’s your mail server that is adding this header to the message, not K-9 Mail. You can most likely configure it to not put the real IP address/hostname there.

For Postfix see e.g. email - How to modify Receive header in Postfix - Server Fault

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This worked perfectly with this header adaptation for Postfix. I actually ignored it at first because another mail client I was testing didn’t do it. Same servers. But strictly spoken this User_Agent information is according to standard indeed. In other words K-9 was correct.
I now changed it to the IP address and FQDN of the web server hosting the webmail. Which is also in the SPF records etc.

Thanks again!