GPG encryption/signing


Just upgraded to 5.8 after some drama with phone rebooting when upgrading.
Anyways I am no longer able to just sign outgoing emails. I can fully encrypt the email without problems.

I have not been able to locate a setting that would allow me just to sign emails.

Any pointers?

When composing a message select Enable PGP Sign-Only from the menu.

That is the thing, I no longer see that option.

I can enable/disable encryption and I can Enable PGP/Inline.

Clicking the Green lock that appears after the “From:” address also only toggles between encryption and no encryption.

You might have to turn off Settings > [Account] > End-to-end encryption > Hide unencrypted signatures.

If it is enabled, signed-only messages are displayed like regular (unsigned) messages. The assumption is that you then don’t care about sending signed-only messages either.

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That was the trick.
Thank you.

I did export the setting from the old K9 install and imported into the new 5.8 install

Interesting. It used to be a global setting and now it’s a per-account setting. Upgrading from 5.600 to 5.800 should have migrated the data from global settings to all accounts. However, the settings import code currently doesn’t support doing something like that (and so the value of the setting is lost and the default is used instead).