Google IMAP delete action does not move to trash

Hello, I’ve noticed lately that I have a lot of unread emails in All Mail in Gmail, but none in trash.
I dug deeper, and I noticed it’s all the emails I delete from my phone through K9.
My guess is that instead of moving the mail to the trash folder on Gmail, it just removes the inbox label.

Is there a way to fix this? Or report this as a bug?

I don’t have this problem with K9. I did delete a few from the app and they went into Gmail’s trash.

I have seen that as my mail service has a feature to fetch email, and when it does, the messages it pulls go to Gmail’s archive.

Are you using IMAP though? it may be due to the fact I’m in a Google Workspace, my personal Gmail don’t have IMAP enabled, I use pop3 on my computer every once in a while.

I use IMAP on all my accounts and when I delete an email on my phone it ends up in Trash where it belongs.

Maybe check your folders (hamburger menu, Manage Folders) to make sure they’re assigned properly?

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Thanks, that was it, not the general folders but folders on that account. It did not have trash set up for some reason.