Good Good Good Good Vibrations!

Please tell me I’m missing something! I was so excited to see that K-9 was coming out with a new version (5.8)! I very quickly read through the features, and couldn’t wait to see it in action!


  1. I have three accounts, and it was incredibly useful to have them color-coded. I can’t tell now, which account I’m looking at without a whole lot of mental effort!

  2. Why can I not choose to have it show the account overview, when I open the app?

  3. The navigation buttons are at the top, (and apparently can’t be moved back to the bottom), where ALL navigation buttons should be for ALL apps, IMO!

  4. My phone stays in vibrate mode. You know when you’re eagerly anticipating an email from someone? What happened to the custom vibration patterns? It was so convenient to know which account was receiving mail, just by the vibration pattern! Why is that so important? I don’t have to stop what I’m doing, pull my phone out of my pocket, and check all three accounts, to see if the one I’m waiting for came through!

It is hard for me to imagine how much you can downgrade something! Honestly, (please, no offense) but it sounds like the typical teenage “nephew” told their uncle they can “make the app really nice,” and unfortunately they only made it look “prettier,” but removed all the “nice” things that made it so functional! Please help!

I will definitely be visiting GitHub, to download v5.6, for now! Does anyone else agree? Curious for your thoughts.

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