Gmail sync issues?

The last few days I’m seeing issues with Gmail. I can go into the All Mail folder, and pull down to refresh, but mails don’t appear which I can see when viewing the same folder on the web.

Here are some logs from a pull down refresh.

I can’t see anything obvious.

The occasional mail gets downloaded but most don’t.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, which hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions?

If I enable push notifications then I see mails pop up, but they aren’t present in the All Mail folder when I look there.

Can they be found in Inbox folder?
Also what are your folder settings for both, Inbox and All Mail?

No, they don’t show in Inbox either.

I have another IMAP client which refiles things into folders, but that’s worked fine for years, and the mails always show in All Mail.

Now they don’t appear there or in the destination folder, but they do in other clients like the Gmail app or eM Client on a desktop. So it feels like it’s specific to K-9.

Which particular settings would be useful for me to provide?