Gmail oauth2 account cannot connect from yesterday, 18th May

I’ve setup my gmail account using oauth2 for quite some time, no problems whatsoever.

Yesterday (18th of May), while K-9 was synchronizing - as it regularly does - I got this notice:
authentication failed [account name] Check your server settings.

On Thunderbird I can still log in to my gmail account, same settings.

I was a bit behind in version, cannot recall which exactly. I updated to 6.602, the one proposed on F-Droid, although I see that there is 6.702 also.

Any ideas why this happened? Anybody else having connection issues with their gmail account using oauth2? I suppose I can try to make a new connection using oath2, but trying to fix it before going there.

I get that every once in a while (on multiple devices and Android versions), always just for the Gmail account. It always sorts itself out some time later so I think it’s a Gmail issue :woman_shrugging:

Thanx for the info. It hadn’t happened to me in the past.

Also I forgot to mention that my other account doesn’t have any issue, yet it’s not oath2 enabled.