Gmail login error message

I have used K-9 for some years with no issues. Then it began showing an authentication error for my Gmail account. I can’t now recall whether this was following a Gmail security alert and password change. I’ve checked the login details, deleted and re-entered them, deleted the Gmail account and re-entered it. I have so far avoided the nuclear option of deleting K-9 and starting again from scratch! The login details I entered are correct and work fine in other mail clients. Other mail accounts I have work fine in K-9. Any help or advice welcome.

You need to set an app password in your Google settings as explained here. This has been discussed many times already, a quick search would’ve shown you that answer.

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Thanks for the link and for telling me I could have found the answer if I’d bothered to search. Having searched I see you made the same unnecessary (and irrelevant) remark to others. It must be nice to be superior with newbies on this forum. An alternative answer to my question would seem to be:

  1. Rightly or wrongly Google decided K-9 to be insufficiently secure and blocked access to Gmail.
  2. There’s nothing you can do about it if you don’t want to use 2-step verification on Google.
  3. If you do set up Google to use 2-step verification, then you can set up a specific app password which seems to solve the problem.
  4. Of helpful posts on this forum, see March 23 post by @LaPaTa

That has nothing to do with being “superior” - but it’s common practice on any forum to search if someone has had the same issue, so as not to clutter things up and have people reply with the same answers over + over again.

Seems you found the needed answers yourself after all :thumbsup: