Get K9 mail to check without the app being open

How do I get K9 6.400 mail to check without the app being open? Currently I have to open it and pull down to refresh.

You can change your setting from pull to push.

Also for push to work reliable you might need to exclude K-9 battery optimizations. But this depends heavily on your vendor and Android version.

Thanks that works. I have to type a certain number of words.

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Well it has stopped working. It never works properly or on an ongoing basis. Also I cannot see how to remove “waiting for new mails tap to learn more” on the home screen. it opens config notifications. I have allow notifications ticked and a sound

Does "waiting for new mails tap to learn more"have to be on the home screen for it to check/push.
They really messed this up and I will drop it if it does not improve because i do not have the time

and what does +1 mean when you type in the addressee and then go down to subject?

The screen that is shown after touching the notification explains both of your questions. Yes, that notification is necessary, and you can turn it off on the screen that opens after pressing the button.

Well it is not working. I get no push and no sound

If your phone runs on an OS manufactured primarily for the Chinese market (Huawei, Oppo, …), background apps are critically limited or even terminated to preserve battery.

Unfortunately, not all OSs offer exceptions to keep apps running.

This is neither K-9’s fault nor is it a standard feature of Android or AOSP. It really comes down to what those manufacturers have done to the AOSP sources when modifying them to be their “own” OS, such as Harmony OS.

Here is an example for Huawei: How to keep an app running in the background | HUAWEI Support Malaysia


Yes, also have a look here for that topic how vendors cause troubles and how to prevent them:

This should mean that you send it to more than one adress. You can extend it by tapping on that +1

My phone has android 12 and can run apps in background but was disabled. Enabled now. Thanks