Generating PGP-Keys on Android, Openkeychain,

Afaik Openkeychain cant generate Keys. Also its not being developed anymore, so its time for a merge, isnt it?

Its nessecary for a standalone device to be able to create PGP keys, I think this is not an option currently.

OpenKeychain can generate keys just fine.

i got OpneKeyChain n k9 mail app on android,
what i need to do and how ?
if i got 2 mail acc in k9 do i need two different openkeychain keys to make?

You can attach multiple identities to a single key, but I would strongly discourage you from doing so. You fare better with separate keys for each identity.

Generate your key on a PC or Mac. You will get a stronger cryptographic level than on a mobile processor in a shorter time (generating a strong key takes a while).

what app is for win7 32bit ?

You can use Thunderbird or