Full header display

It would be real nice if the “Display headers” option could display ALL of the headers, including the Received and X- SMTP headers that tell where the message has been on its route to the inbox. This is the only information that is really useful for evaluating the authenticity of an unsigned message. For example, consider this screen shot from a bank I deal with. Everything in it could be faked by a scammer.

It does, as far as I am aware, but you have to have the message fully downloaded first. If you have a “download complete message” notice at the bottom of the displayed message you will only see the limited headers that you are showing.


Thank you, I see you are correct. I suppose it would be very helpful if the abbreviated header display had a message saying “Download complete message for full headers”, and even better a control there to do it.

Actually, I think a better option would be to have the ability to download/view the full header without pulling the full message. If you want to view the headers because you think the message is suspect, in my view it would be better to not have to have the full message on your device.

I’ll put this in as an enhancement suggestion, if it’s not already there.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I agree that’s a much better idea.

We’re already tracking this feature request: Download all headers if necessary for "show headers" view · Issue #5240 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub