"from" or "sender" field not showing in email list screen

“from” or “sender” field is not showing in email list screen. I checked the options screen, and also the identities. Even the sample screens from k9 show this behavior.

Is this a bug or are there more settings to check?

By default K-9 Mail displays the name extracted from the From header field in the message list. You can change this to showing the email address by disabling Settings > General settings > Display > Show correspondent names.

I had already set this option to show the email address. Looking more closely, it shows the sender email address as the first line on all accounts and folders except for my main account INBOX folder, for that, it shows the “to” as the first line, almost as if it thinks it’s a “sent” or “drafts” folder.

Sadly/ironically, this is the main account i use!!!

Did you configure K-9 Mail to use the inbox as Sent folder? Check Settings > [Account] > Folders > Sent folder.

Hahaha, yes, that was it. Thanks.

I actually wanted the new emails i compose and any of my replies to be in my inbox instead of another folder, but i can live with this limitation. I configured it to be a “sent” folder and the “from” field now shows correctly in my inbox.

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This is the same issue as I raised in another post. Like you I want messages and replies in the same folder. Am I reading this correctly that only the “sent” folder will display the “to” correspondent? Is there any setting that will allow the ‘correspondent’ to be shown whether it is an incoming or outgoing message?

I believe you ARE reading it correctly. My guess is there is no option, i scoured through all the options myself and didn’t find anything. I’m glad at least cketti knew what was going on!

It’s an unfortunate trend in software design these days, to eliminate basic options in favor of “simplicity” and “we know what you want”!

In this case, a simple template for what to display, or even a checkbox “hide FROM field when displaying email list from SENT folders” would work. Hopefully some options will appear soon, this release was a major change and lots of feedback is being given.