"From" is all caps in outgoing email


Does anyone know if there’s a bug or something in the outgoing mail settings? I’ve set it to send my full name and surname in the “from” field but people getting mail from me say they just see my first name in all caps - I really don’t want that.

Any advice appreciated, thanks

Check your composition defaults and alternate identities. Is there some something set to all caps?
Which K9 version?
Which mail provider?

Thanks for the reply!

K9 version is 6.802

Composition defaults are set to my full name. Can’t see anything in full caps.

Alternate identities? I can’t see any such thing.

Mail provider, not entirely sure. Private I suppose. It’s a IMAP account, I pay for hosting and domain. It’s not gmail or live.com or something like that.

Sorry - see at
Settings / account / Sending mail / Manage identities.

Ok, you have your own domain which is hosted by domain provider which is also hosting your mails.

Ok figured it out - the problem was nothing to do with k9. I have myself saved as a contact and for reasons unknown I saved my name in all caps :see_no_evil:

The receiving email client was using this instead of the email header identity. Thanks for your help anyway!

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the MSoutlook client does this. it also uses that contact name entry on a reply to the sender. this, in my view, is an information leak … and can also have unfortunate consequences. e.g., if you use a snarky name in your contacts for someone you receive mail from, and reply to, they will see the snarky name you use for them.