From Archives back to Inbox

Unfortunately the complete content of my Inbox folder was unwillingly moved to a local archive called “Archives”. I don’t really know why this has happened. Is there any option to get them back to my inbox folder?
If I try to copy or move I receive an error that this is not possible due to missing synchronisation.
It’s really important - otherwise a lot of important data is lost, because it’s only available on my K9 on my specific mobile device.

Please help :disappointed_relieved:.

Best regards

No ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Go to the archive folder and pull down to refresh. Then you can move the mail

Thanks a lot. I’ve tried this a few times, but it hasn’t worked. There’s is unfortunately no synchronisation nor any refresh.
Best regards

Ah, I didn’t get that it is a local folder. Then there is no way to put it back. You could forward the message to yourself to get it back onto the server.

Consider switching to IMAP, where you don’t have any local folders. If you want to switch phones in the future, everything local will be lost.