Forum signup (aliased emails)

This is a forum related issue.

I’m trying to change all my online account login emails to aliases - or SimpleLogin.

I’m subscribed to a number of forums that use the Discourse platform. Half of the forums allow the use of aliased emails and half don’t (this forum being one of those that doesn’t according to my attempts).

I want to change my primary email for this forum to “x-y at z.anonaddy dot me” or “x-y at z.anonaddy dot com”. However, although it is indicated that a confirmation email has been sent and there is no indication that the email address has been rejected, no email is received in my inbox (spam folder checked).

Is it possible to fix this?
Info from my issue raised in discourse-meta forum: No confirmation emails ( - support - Discourse Meta


The forum software says that it has successfully sent your email and did not receive a bounce message. Might be a problem on addy’s end (spam filter that directly deletes some emails?). Maybe you can also retry sending the email.


It’s working now for some reason :wink: