Forgot password

This is a very basic question, have been using k9 for many years and have forgotten my password to access K9 account in new tablet. Don’t recall how I set it up or if I used administrator provided password. Have checked incoming, outgoing servers and my password is a bunch of dots. Thank you.

There is no way to retreive a password from K-9. You will need to do a password reset with the account provider (e.g. gmail, yahoo, microsoft, or whoever provides your account).

Thank you very much, my provider is Cox cable, they are pretty much getting out of the email business as of a year ago. I’m going to give them a call on Monday but I doubt any of them can help, they weren’t that much help a number of years ago either. I think my solution will be to forward my archived and inbox emails to Gmail and just start changing over to gmail which is going to be a major pain. Thanks again.

This is actually not true. You just need a bit of help from a technician to recover the passwords stored by apps like K9. The technician has to provide a stub server that records login attempts. Then you change the server in the app to this stub server and the technician can tell you your password.

Technician actually means the neighbor’s kid with a laptop or possibly just a smartphone.