Forcing a Check for Updates?

I posted a couple of weeks ago, but because I was a new member, I don’t know whether the post went through, so I’ll repost it with a new question.

K-9 Mail 5.806 on Chromebook/ChromeOS 93.0.4577.85 (Official Build) (64-bit). POP3 single account.

Ever since the last update of K-9 Mail, the Reply function does not always work. I receive a piece of mail, and if I try to reply, the Reply arrow is sometimes “dead.” Clicking on it accomplishes nothing. At other times it works correctly. The problem is unpredictable and is a serious problem.

I don’t see a way (maybe I missed it) to force K-9 Mail to check for updates. This version of ChromeOS I am using on the Chromebook I have can use many Android applications, and K-9 is the only one I have found that can work satisfactorily with a POP3 account. On the whole it suits my needs well, but because the Reply function is not working correctly since the last update, it has become less useful. That is why I am asking if there is a way to force an update check.