For a Gmail account :Refresh idle connection

What is everyone using at the moment i have it on the default 20 minutes, I’m starting to wonder if 20 minutes is to long, I’m trying to work out why i don’t get notifications of emails if I leave K9 mail opened on a account that hardly gets emails.

it sounds like you have your fetching mail setting on polling - though i don’t see 20min as an option - rather than push. try turning off polling and turning on push and see how things work for you.

the notifications issue is likely caused by some other setting.

what android release and k-9 version are you using as that has an impact on notifications (and polling/push too).

Sorry should of said I’m using push as polling 15minutes is too long. So i have polling as never.

I have it set to Push 1st class folders and the Refresh idle connection is set for 20 minutes.

I have noticed this problem first thing in the morning, that’s why i was thinking it might be the idle connection set to 20 minutes might be too long.