Font - bold & plain

I’m a new user of only a few days - and come over from iOS.

I think your app is great and is similar to the now defunct iBisMail on iOS.

If I may suggest a feature upgrade, for something that I don’t see in the app right now.

Can you give the option of showing sender email address in say a non-bold font?

So the listing of emails becomes much cleaner. I have removed all the icons you show and just have a listing of email subject on one line and the email address underneath it. Having both lines in the bold font, or even the same font style leads the eye astray. It would give much more focus if the subject line was bold and the email address plain text.

Or, another way is to do the alternate background trick. Where each even line in the list has one background color and the odd line numbers a different color. This is done for spreadsheets and long lists of data so the eye can easily pick out rows.

Thanks for the great work.

Replying to my own post.

As a clarification, I would like to see the Message list act like Messages.

The font display for Messages shows the Subject in Bold and the Sender in plain text. Can the same be offered for the Message List?