Folders nested under INBOX in IMAP


My INBOX has several folders nested underneath it. They display as subfolders in Thunderbird, but not in K9Mail.

On the server (using Maildir format) I have the following directories:
Maildir/. # which is the inbox
Maildir/.INBOX.sub1 # which is a subfolder of inbox

Is there a way for these to display as subfolders?



Menu top left - Manage folders.
Then 3-dot menu, Show Folders - there you can select which class of folders to show. Your Inbox is 1st Class, any folders inside it are 2nd Class. Either select 1st + 2nd or simply “All” I guess - I’ve never tried it myself.

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Hi @Nimueh ,

Thanks for the reply. That isn’t quite what I am looking for.

The setting defaults to show all folders, so I can see the additional folders, but they are at the top level, and they have INBOX in the name, for example INBOX.dmarc where my dmarc emails go.

On Thunderbird, they are displayed as subfolders of the main inbox, and without the “INBOX.” prefix.

I’m guessing that this isn’t supported.

Thanks for the reply.


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@gateley i have the same problem. I think theres no way to show folder trees at the current version. I’ve found this old github thread: Show subfolders as real subfolders in folder list · Issue #630 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub . But i think no one got it done.