Folder switching difficult - many folders

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First of all, thank you very much for the work you put into updating K-9 Mail! However with the 5.8 UI change it has become a bit difficult for me to switch to a different mail folder.

I use the “hamburger menu” to switch to a new folder (cannot find any other way). But I have some 230 folders and sub-folders, and for some of them the combined folder.subfolder…etc names grow long and the middle portion is reduced to an ellipsis in the menu. So, the length of the list makes it cumbersome to locate the desired folder, and the shortened folder names make it difficult to read the list while I search.

In the 5.6 version, the folder list was searchable and I could enter a just a few characters of the name and then select the folder I wanted to open among the found ones.

The UI for moving/copying mails (still) has a searchable folder list that even uses several lines to show long folder names. This is how I like it.

I realize that this folder list is a different kind of UI element than the menu and that filtering in a menu may be difficult to achieve. However, perhaps an alternative way to switch folder could be added that uses the same UI for folder selection as the move/copy email functions do?

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I fully agree with ‘arnechr’ about he says about the searchability for opening folders. I also would appreciate an easy way to open a specified folder!

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I would say this is a serious topic. Why is there not also a serious answer from the programmers after all this time for this so basic functionality?

Hello Support,

Do you have any idea if and when you will look to the searchability in the folders?

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K-9 is an open-source application. So the only answer to that can be “as soon as someone volunteers to implement it”.

This then would need to be provided as Pull Request to be reviewed and applied by you / cketti?

The PR will be reviewed/merged by cketti, yeah