Folder structure missing?

i am surprised seeing no folder structure with K9.
Or have I forgotten a setting to have an expandable folder?

Your folder hierarchy is visible in that screenshot. Subfolders are separated by a dot.

…mhh, what I mean is to see at first the main folder only… so as other email apps are showing such structures.

Yes, currently K9 does display nested folders in a flat represetation.

thanks to all,
but I deleted K9 today, waiting for Thunderbird version…
3 reasons:
no nested folders,
folder names,
folder settings…

regards, Hans

I see folder hierarchy listed on the near term of the road map. That sounds promising.

Nested folders I agree.
But what do you mean with folder names and folder settings?

Folder names not in german while providers folder names are in german. All other email apps are showing german folder names…

Folder settings I mean delete, create, rename and so on…