Folder class setup to download ALL emails?


1st post here but have used K9 several times in the past as ‘daily email app’. Can’t remember if I managed to set things up as per the title before but if I did the memory is playing up which explains this post. What I want to do is setup K9 (again) as my daily email app and initially to download ALL of my emails from my imap server. Now, I DO have adequate storage on my phone for this and one of my reasons for wanting this is to be able to search all of my emails when I don’t have any wifi/data coverage (I’m in Cornwall in the UK so this can be fairly common!).

My email folder structure is fairly simple - the usual inbox, sent, drafts, etc - but I also have folder that I use to ‘archive’ any old mails I may need in the future. This is under a single entry folder (I call it ‘ArchivedMails’) and under this are various other folders and sub-folders. I initially want to download ALL under ArchivedMails then manually sync it when I have added to it (once per week maybe). I’m assuming I set the folder class(s) on this folder in one way to start then reset to another when all has downloaded? The ‘standard’ folders such as inbox can be sync’ed as usual.

I’ve not been able to get my head around the folder class structure as yet which is why I’m asking here for a folder class structure to do this. I’ve installed the latest apk from gtihub is that makes a difference to the answer

Thanks in advance.

No replies? Hmmm. OK. Anyone know of another email app for Android that can download ALL imap emails to my phone?

K-9 Mail’s folder classes do not respect the folder hierarchy. The folder class configured for a folder only applies to that particular folder, not to any of its sub-folders.

To download all messages in all folders you could change the account settings under “Fetching mail” like this:
Local folder size: all messages
Sync messages from: any time (no limit)
Poll folders: All

Then manually trigger “check mail” for an account.

Later you can change Poll folders e.g. back to the default of Only 1st Class folders.