[Fixed] Outlook.office365.com account logon (on 08-2023)

I’m having trouble to login into my office365 account to fetch my email with K9 Mail.
The configuration for the account is semi-automatic, as an IMAP account, with the email, account password, and the usual parameters for this account (SSL/TLS, port 993, OAuth 2.0 authentication, Autodetect IMAP, compression, and with “mail client identification” either enabled or disabled). I do not have the multifactor authentication enabled.
K9 Mail tries to login into the service provider (godaddy), I input the proper user and password. The authentication server (login.microsoftonline.com) does accept the godaddy login, asks if I’m trying to init session form K-9 Mail, I choose “continue”, and most of the times I try to log I get an error message.
Once in several tries I was able to overcome the configuration of incoming mail with those parameters, but then I was unable to configure the outgoing mail. I set the parameters stated by my provider (SSL/TLS, port 587, and either with or without uthentification , be it Oauth 2.0, normal password). All the tests I did failed, I get the error “Handshake failed”.

Any clue on how to overcome this? Is this because of the “security” changes on the provider side, or because of K9 Mail? Thanks

Did you check/follow cketti’s guide?

I did now, followed the steps, which do not vary from what i stated, but it does not work.
Btw, i should hace said that my account was configured and working up to this very morning, mail fetching has been failing for the whole day.

Problem solved “automagically”, perhaps it was an issue with the server.