Filter rules within k9 mail?

Is there a way to create filter rules for incoming mails in k9 mail? I didn’t see it first hand - in case not, is there a workaround? I use imap, so, eventually, creating the rules by the webmail interface(s) would be a way … (?)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Creating rules using the web interface is usually the way to go. The reason is that if you define rules in an app (like on your PC or on your phone), the rules won’t work if another device is accessing the mail first. So you would have to add the rules to all devices and always keep the rules in sync. When you do it using the webmailer, it is usually independent of the client.


You don’t neccesarily need to keep the rules in sync as the other devices will filter the mail and the mailboxes will sync anyway.

That’s exactly the problem. When doing the filtering on one device only, that device always needs to be turned on and connected to the internet. If it isn’t, you will sometimes see emails that are not correctly filtered on other devices. When doing it via webmail, the provider’s server is always on and connected to the internet anyways, so there can’t be any inconsistency.


Yes, which is why I said “You don’t neccesarily need to…”