Fetching emails that have already been read


Can K9 fetch emails that have already been read? Sometimes I read emails on my phone but I alsolike tohave them on my laptop for later reference. If I read them on my phone first then later K9 try to read them on my laptop they aren’t fetched.

i’m assuming you are using pop. that being the case - the easiest approach (in my view), assuming your mail provider supports it, is to change your account to use imap. then, your mail is on the server and will always be available, regardless of the device that retrieves it.

i don’t have a pop account set up so don’t know exactly what k9 labels the option - but under “fetching mail” there should be a setting to save fetched mail on the server. with pop the default is generally to delete once fetched.

Small remark: Switch to IMAP on all your devices, not just on the phone. There basically is no reason to use POP3, it just leads to inconsistency and later trouble


yes, i did mean to change the account from pop to imap at the system/provider account level, not (just) the device level.

as these protocols communicate with the server in different ways for fetching mail, once changed at the system level, one will have to change the device client settings too. with k9 that means deleting the pop instance and setting up a new imap one. other clients may be able to do this more transparently.

I’m using IMAP e.g IMAP.virginmedia.com

The read email is still on the server but if it is marked as read it does not appear when I get h email on a different device.

Does that different device use IMAP as well? Does that different device use K-9 mail or another email app?

also, what is the sort order of the mail in the other client? make certain that you don’t have it set to “unread first” and so are simply missing the read message because its “below the fold”.

clients (generally) won’t pull deleted (but not expunged) messages but otherwise any current - read/unread - message should be pulled by any imap client.