"Fetch" command

I have used this email system for a very long time. This week I was forced to download the recent changes and no longer can I read email because apparently there is no fetch command.
I really do not want to switch to a different system and would not be adverse to paying off a small annual fee to use K9. But since I cannot retrieve and read emails it appears that I have no choice.
Do you have any suggestions for a long time elderly user?
Dakota Traveler

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With fetch, do you mean manual refresh? You can pull down in the navigation drawer to refresh.

I am very sorry but I do not even know what the word drawer means and the K9 mail app.

I use the word fetch because I think that was what it was called in the old app. My problem is that while I can send emails I cannot receive them on my phone. It is very discouraging.
I have no doubt that I am missing something incredibly obvious but the fact remains I am unable to check email on the system.

So you don’t receive emails when manually refreshing or you don’t receive emails at all?

I do not receive any emails on the new K9 at all. I have no problem sending and apparently my address list remains but I see no way to refresh the inbox in order to download emails that are on my internet service provider’s server.
In the old K9 app there was what I suppose is called a “get mail” symbol at the bottom of the screen. Apparently I have the password correct because I can send emails but I cannot receive any even though my system is set to send me a copy of any message I send.

I do appreciate your attempts at helping a senior citizen. I do not understand your use of the word REFRESH. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.
Tom Harmon

To “get mail”, pull down in a list of emails. To “get mail” for all folders at once, swipe in the side bar and pull down there. To “get mail” for all accounts (in case you use multiple), expand the account section and pull down there.

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That does it! Thank you thank you thank you

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