Feature request: Tap-to-scroll

I use K9 Mail on an e-ink tablet. (I do this because I like reading newsletters on my tablet, and I use K9 Mail because it doesn’t require Google Play services.)

Scrolling on an e-ink tablet isn’t a great experience. One solution: A tap-to-scroll option.

Tap-to-scroll is exactly what it sounds like: By tapping on the right side of the screen, the page advances ~90%. You can find this functionality in the reading app Wallabag, for example.

Tap-to-scroll is useful to users on many devices beyond e-ink tablets. Some people enjoy it as a kind of page-turning function. But, as in Wallabag, this feature should be optional.

Would anyone else enjoy this feature?


Having the same use case, I’ve opened a Feature Request on the Github tracker :

Get in touch there :slight_smile: