Feature request: settings when set up a new account


Feature request: please make the settings available before finishing set up a new account.

In details: I am looking for an e-mail client for Android can download all the messages with complete content. Full body with attachments. Make all messages available offline with search possibilities.

To download the complete message by default you can change the settings to “no limit” after you already have an email account in K-9.

I would like to have the possibility of changing the settings before finishing the set up new account process.

Workaround: you can change the settings, export them, remove the account and set up a new account via IMPORT SETTING. It is working for Gmail but it doesn’t for Outlook.

Feature request 2: make IMPORT SETTINGS available when adding a new account if on account already added. Adding a new account you can walk though the wizard but you cannot import another export file.

Thanks in advance and please keep me informed.

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Welcome @Balint :wave:

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever add a way to enter (account) settings before an account is created. Almost all settings that are relevant when adding an account are configurable during account setup. How much of a message to download is the rare exception. But we could simply add that option to the screen where sync options are configured during account setup.

There’s easier workarounds than the one you have suggested:

  1. After creating an account only the Inbox will have been synced. Go ahead and change Fetch messages up to and Local folder size. Then go to Manage foldersInbox and select Clear local messages from the toolbar menu. Afterwards manually sync the inbox again and all messages should be downloaded completely.
  2. When using the new account setup (currently only available in beta), put the device in airplane mode when on the “sync options” screen. Finish account setup. Then go to settings and make the necessary changes. Afterwards, leave airplane mode again.
  3. Configure the app to only download 10 messages when setting up an account. That way you’ll have to click “Download complete message” on at most 10 messages.

You make the decision whether to add an account or import settings on the settings screen. Why do you select “add account” and not “import settings” if you meant to import settings?

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Hello @cketti

thank you so much for your time answering me so deeply. Your ideas are very good and they are fine for me. I’ll try them out. My friend have ten thousands of messages in his account.

Thank you and have a nice day,