Feature request: send BCC mails to Android address group recipients

When travelling I usually send mails to 100+ recipients, telling about my travel experiences.
Unfortunately within k9 I can’t enter a group name available in Android’s phonebook into the BCC address field to “pull” the addresses related to a group into it.
Within Android’s phonebook I can select a group name, click on “send mail”, click on “select all” and “send with k9”, but then all 100+ addresses show up exclusively in the “to” address field and I have no chance to cut and paste all of them into the BCC address field - which I want to use to avoid distributing all addresses to all recipients.
Is there a chance for you to add this feature?
Thanks for developing and providing k9! I’m using it since years.

Me too like mailing with k9. And I too have to send lots of mails with about 30 recipients, realy missing the feature to enter address lists into the to, cc or bcc field.
My workaround is as this. Create the new mail with the samsung client, enter the addresses as list with various methods, save as draft, actualize, change to K9, actualize the draft folder. The adresses are entered correctly. Now the mail content must be copied into. Difficult, the richtext content presentation could get disordered.

Now some additions to my previous writer.

Working with address lists in K9 is realy nonsatisfying. I do not know any other mail client which is unable to accept mailing lists. At least it should be possible to enter a semicolon separated list of the following form as possible in all other mail clients I know
Name1 Lastname1 mail@domain.xx; name2 ccc@hhh.kk
Displaying this list is bit different in K9 too. Its a coma separated list of mail adresses without names. The names are lost.

So I’m hoping with not very much effort you could add some absolutly necessary feature.
First print out all lists in the semicolon separated form with names and aliases as a sort of norm. May be plus some varieties with quotation marks and so on.
Second accept these lists in the destination fields.
Third copy and paste of lists should be possibe.
Per default lists should be entered into bcc because of privacy protection.

Those are my biggest wisches to the K9 Developer team. Thanks for realizing