[Feature Request] RSS Feed Reader

Like mozilla thunderbird will we have rss support in future?

To be honest, I don’t see RSS in Thunderbird. (And it was removed in Firefox ages ago, though there is an optional Add-On.) Seems that RSS is a bit out of date. Many websites have removed RSS over the years. Maybe this is a pity but that’s how it is.

I use the free plan Feedly offers. Good enough with cross-device sync, add-ons for all major browsers as well as apps for iOS and Android.

Thunderbird has rss feed option. I use it daily

Yes, you’re right, you can create a feed account in Thunderbird, just found it. :slight_smile:

IMO K9 is an email client - a great one - and should stay just that.

Thunderbird is much more than that: it handles Calendars, Address Books, Chat, Newsgroups, and Feeds. That’s fine for a desktop app, but not in a mobile app, which should do one thing and do it well

If you need access to RSS feeds (or Calendars, Address Books, Chat, Newsgroups) there are plenty of good FOSS clients on F-droid


I know but thunderbird for mobile will compete with Microsoft Outlook for android
If it does