Feature request re email completion


I love the app but it has a huge user flaw for me, which is that every single email address I want to autocomplete must be explicitly added to the Android phone contacts, which is drastically reduces the usability of the app, because there are a lot more people I want to write to than I want to explicitly remember add to contacts or have to search to add before sending a mail. My workflow slows down a lot.

Desktop Thunderbird on Linux does this perfectly well as do some other apps I can’t use due to security policies with my employer (need an IMAP client with OAuth2, which most don’t).

Any chances this may be in the pipeline soon?

i get address completion (android 14/k9 6.711) but i believe it comes from my gboard settings.

i have “show suggestion strip” and “next-word suggestions” on. there’s also a “suggest contacts”, which i don’t have on. it might improve this but, based on the permission request, may just pull from contacts.