Feature Request: Auto delete trash folder

Hi there,

I didn’t find any option to automatically delete trash folder. I’d like to request to add an option to this beloved and very useful app to auto delete trash folder after closing the app and/or after a selected time (days/weeks).

As I have several e-mail accounts (private and work …) to manage this would make live much easier. :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Many mail services have an option and settings for auto-delete by time. It may be a fixed time, or something you can can adjust.

That may be right but does not solve the issue that all deleted e-mails are still remaining in the trash of every account located on the smartphone. Thats why I kindly request to add an auto-delete option for trashes in K9-Mail app as almost every desktop application of e-mail clients has.

K9-Mail is such a genius app I’ve been using over many, many years with numerous outstanding features so do me a favour and add this little helpful feature, please. :pray:

You may have to change the Folder poll and/or Folder push class settings for your particular mail account for the Trash folder, if you want Trash to stay in sync with the server.

I bet Folder poll class is None on your phone. Thus it’s probably not syncing.

Thanks for the input but I think syncing is not relevant with POP3 accounts. On my smartphone most of my e-mail accounts are involved by POP-protocol just to fetch and not to sync by IMAP. That’s why I’d like to have an auto-delete option, please. :pray:

Presumably you have your accounts set up on a primary device. If you then set K9 trash folders to none q.e.d.

I collect all my e-mails of several accounts on a pc but that’s negligible.

I fetch my e-mails with the K9-Mail app predominantly for reading and sometimes I answer an e-mail via smartphone if it’s urgent. But I delete all incoming spam e-mails (about 20 per day) here for better overview and all these e-mails remain in the trashes until every single trash folder is emtied manually.

But it’s fine when they arrive in the trash first and are not deleted irrecoverable (when ereased by mistake - which happened more often in the past - before the last K9-Mail updates).

So I kindly request to add an auto-emty feature for trashes after a certain period.