FairEmail is a good choice to replace K9

I would love to continue with K9, but right now the new version is not usable.

I have exported and stored my settings. I will check here occasionally to see if the developers decide to update the app to reflect the widespread, fervent requests here for

  1. the return of action buttons on the bottom of the screen, and
  2. the option to have K9 open to an account overview screen.

In the meantime I have found that FairEmail is a very nice alternative and I have switched. Be aware there is a learning curve and some set-up time required, of course, and the visual design isn’t as nice as the new K9. I will be happy to switch back, but for now FairMail is the best email tool for me.


I tried this last year when I realised development of K-9 appeared to be dead. Main issue for me was that polling 6 accounts took ages whereas with K-9 it takes seconds. Never did get to the bottom of it, FairEmail devs just blamed my servers even though no other mail client (mobile or desktop) had any issues checking the same 6 accounts almost instantaneously.

K-9 is still currently best of a bad bunch, I still can’t find a decent replacement. However, I’ve been reading these forums and they are removing POP from K-9 which will mean lots of people (me included) won’t be able to use it anyway. Hopefully @cketti looks at reversing this decision.