Exporting and importing accounts and messages

I’ve just reset my Huawei tablet and exported my 9 email accounts from my Android phone to be imported into k9 but although the import successfully recreated all 9 accounts I found that there were only one folder (outbox) for each account, I tried a fresh export and import but the issue still exists, whenever I’ve done this before I’m positive that messages and account details were exported and recreated on my new Android device. I then thought that the folders would be created automatically when I inserted the passwords into each account but to no avail.
Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas as to how to get over my problem.

messages are not included in the output generated by the “export settings” facility. with IMAP this (mostly) shouldn’t matter as the messages cached on the device are a reflection of what’s on the server (depending some on what your K9 account syncing settings are). with POP whether the messages are (re-)retrievable from the server depends on your settings.

when importing account settings you need to provide passwords for both the incoming and outgoing servers. with IMAP, after successfully authenticating for an incoming server you should see the folders and messages that are on the server. the POP protocol only supports an “inbox”. whether there are retrievable messages there depends on your message retrieval settings - e.g., whether you have “save on server” set or not.

it sounds like you may have only successfully authenticated for the outgoing server. what happens when you successfully authenticate for the incoming server will depend on whether you are using IMAP or POP.


Thank you for your reply, I managed to get the folders reinstated by entering the relevant passwords, I am used to using The BAT as my pc email client and whenever I do a backup it saves everything apart from the passwords regardless of whether or not it’s a POP account or an IMAP account and when a back-up or restore is done everything is restored, it may have been my mis-remembering of how K-9 back-ups the accounts that foxed me, fortunately I have all the messages saved on my PC whereas the phone/tablet is not so important.