Every Icon is the Same

Every Icon on the email list on the left is the same as the active email account. When I switch accounts, they all change to the selected email account.

Do you by any chance have multiple contacts in you address book with all the mail addresses stored in them?

K-9 takes the account image from your existing contacts in the address book. Thus, if you have multiple addresses in the same contact(s), they all appear to have the same image.

Those icons are not taken from contacts. They’re the Profile pics for Gmail. And they’re “correct” based on the selected account. And only one of those email accounts has any contacts at all.

Correction: They don’t change at all.

I figured out it…maybe. I can get the one at the top to change, but the ones on the left are still all the same.

I got it. :smiley:

Solution: Separate the email addresses into their own contact entries instead of having them all in the same contact entry.

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