Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch when trying oAuth2 connection to Gmail

I’m using /e/ on a S9+ which has a 6.202 fork of K9 Mail.
When trying to use authentication “OAuth 2.0” in “manual setup”/Imap, i get “Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch” return from google.
I’ve looked for it on different sites, but nothing found that let me fix or workaround it.
Any help appreciated. Thank you.

You’ll have to ask them for help - /e/ merely a fork, not the “real” K9, and as such you can’t get any help here.

I understand, and I’ve asked them about it (no return yet).
But I wonder if someone at K9 mail would have experiment this, or have any idea why it happens and possibly has a workaround to propose.

I don’t think that issue exists in the original k-9. I assume it’s just broken in their fork.

Ok then.
Thank you anyway for reactivity.

Found a solution:
Deactivated /e/ K9 mail fork and installed the native one. Works like a charm.